Memorial to Ann Hutton, Benjamin Hutton, Benjamin Hutton, Catherine Hutton, Catherine Hutton, Charles Hutton


Here lieth the body of
died ye 9th of December 1746
aged 37.

Also the body of CATHERINE wife of ((the)) above BENJAMIN HUTTON
who died the ( ) of March 1767
aged -2 ((52))

also the body of BENJAMIN
and CHARLES sons of the
above named BENJAMIN ye ((1st)) died y((e)) ((2- ?27th)) of October 17-9 ((1739)) y((e)) 2nd y((e)) ((10th)) of February 174-((1749 or 1740)) aged ((3 and/or 5))

Also ANN daughter of the
above named BENJN. & CATHERINE HUTTON who died 10th day of
December 1801 aged 60 yrs.

Also CATHERINE sister of the
above said ANN who died 21st day
of March 1818 aged 75 yrs.

Names on this Memorial

Name Date of Birth Date of Death
Ann Hutton Unknown Unknown
Benjamin Hutton Unknown 9 Dec 1746
Benjamin Hutton Unknown Unknown
Catherine Hutton Unknown Unknown
Catherine Hutton Unknown Unknown
Charles Hutton Unknown Unknown




Plot 279

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